Thanks Schwabbie!

IAN ‘Schwabbie’ Schwab has been doing the rural mail run to Ararat’s east for longer than most people can remember.

For 20 years, Schwabbie has been delivering mail and packages to Ballyrogan, Buangor, Denicull Creek, Dobie, Langi Logan, Middle Creek, Mount Cole and Warrak.

Schwabbie recently decided to call it a day, much to the dismay of the hundreds of people who rely on him each week.

To show their appreciation, around a hundred people from across the district converged on Buangor’s Community Sports Centre on Sunday for a farewell lunch and to pass on their gratitude.

“Schwabbie, you’ve done a marvellous job for us over a long period of time,” said life long local Charlie de Fegely.

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