Marian College’s High School Musical on stage

MARIAN College is excited to announce that finishing rehearsals and preparations are almost completed in the lead up to their much anticipated 2022 production, the famous and popular Disney’s High School Musical.

Written by Peter Barsocchini and adapted for the stage by Bryan Louiselle and David Simpatico,

High School Musical is a classic story of high school students pursuing what they love and going against the “status quo”.

Troy Bolton, captain and face of the East High Wildcats basketball team, along with Gabriella Montez, top contender of the Brainiacs, shocks their respective groups when they audition for the high school musical lead by Ms Darbus.

Facing resentment from their fellow clubmates, torn between priorities, and singing their hearts out, Troy and Gabriella’s passion for performing may pave the way for others to shine as well.

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With catchy choruses and tear-jerking ballads, High School Musical is a relatable, fun, and incredibly entertaining show for people of all ages.

The school has scheduled three nights of performances on the 18th, 19th and 20th of August at the Ararat Town Hall.

Tickets available from

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