Recycler faces imminent closure

JAMES Downes is Ararat’s original recycler.
For decades, he has diligently collected and disposed of Ararat’s recyclable waste, keeping hundreds of tonnes of glass, cardboard and plastic from landfill.
It was for many years a good business, but Mr  Downes said things have changed dramatically and he is now in a difficult position where there is no longer a market for recycled glass and cardboard.
Now in his 80s and wanting to retire, Mr Downes said he’s in limbo.
“We cannot get rid of paper and cardboard. We can take it to Stawell to a recycler up there but he can’t get rid of some of it,” he said.
“It costs me money to get it up to Stawell. We do charge some people to pick up paper and cardboard around town but it doesn’t cover our costs.”

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