60 years of love and laughter

By Ellen Anderson.

LAST Sunday marked a significant milestone for Dorothy “Dot” and Neil “Stick” Turner as they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.

Their journey together began in 1960 at a Saturday dance in Ballarat, where fate brought them together.

“This man kept annoying me all night, and the next Saturday night, who arrived at the dance. The same bloke,” Dot said.

That persistent and charming ‘bloke’ was Neil “Stick” Turner, whose shared love for dancing kindled a beautiful relationship.

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Their courtship blossomed through love letters exchanged twice a week, leading them to buy a home together in 1963, where they continue to reside.

The culmination of their love story resulted in marriage in March 1964, and their family expanded with the arrival of sons Craig in 1968, followed by Andrew and Dion in later years.

Reflecting on their six decades together, Dot said they had experienced a

Fun life.

Despite life’s inevitable highs and lows, Dorothy and Neil approached challenges with humour and a positive outlook.

“We’ve been pretty lucky,” Dot acknowledges, citing their unwavering support for each other through health challenges.

Their enduring bond is founded on mutual respect and compromise. “Give and take,” notes Dot, highlighting the importance of working through disagreements.


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